Cub Cadet Single-Stage and Double-Stage Snow throwers

Cub Cadet’s snow throwers  come in single-stage 200 and two-stage 500, 700, and 900.  The single-stage snow thrower is best for walkways and driveways, while the two-stage snow throwers are recommended for larger spaces.  However, both of Cub Cadet’s snow throwers feature the following:

  • zero-turn posi-steer power steering
  • fingertip steering controls for precise turning
  • no rust
  • single-hand operation for chute
  • high-impact, clog-resistant chute

The Cub Cadet two-stage 500, 700, and 900 snow throwers also include the following:

  • more durable for use in extreme conditions
  • cast-iron engine construction
  • scratch-resistent cool blue skid shoes

4 thoughts on “Cub Cadet Single-Stage and Double-Stage Snow throwers

  1. I have a 3206 lawn tractor model 14A-646-100. Have a oil leak diff. gasket. Would like to know if the drive axle is below oil level when full of oil??

    • Hi, Ron:

      Thanks for your question. To answer, we would need just a bit more information about what you are trying to do specifically, but we can tell you that you will need to drain the fluid out of the differential before removing the drive shaft. If you remove the drive shaft without first draining the fluid, you will have a fluid waterfall on your hands. For more information, please give us a call at 1-800-255-4054 and we will be happy to further discuss any other questions you may have in more detail. Thanks!

  2. I have the 3 stage snow blower. It ran fine last spring when i parked it in my shed. Fuel tank was empty. I put clean fuel in it but i can’t get it to start. Suggestions?

    • Hi Kay,
      It is likely the carburetor needs to be cleaned, sometimes when emptying the machine of fuel there is still some residue left remaining in the bowl. If you are handy you could try removing the bowl and cleaning it yourself or if you would like to bring it in for service we can handle that for you as well. This isn’t anything major and is easy to resolve. Stop by any Weingartz location and we can confirm the trouble and get that fixed for you before the next big snow.

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