How to Change the Oil on a Cub Cadet Ultima

How to Change the Oil on a Cub Cadet Ultima

Regular oil changes are essential to keeping your Cub Cadet Ultima’s engine in working condition. Regular oil changes also maximize the lifespan of your mower and keep your Cub Cadet running smoothly and efficiently.

Before performing any maintenance on your Cub Cadet Ultima, refer to your owner’s manual for recommended maintenance and safety information. Maintenance instructions vary by model, so depending on your model our instructions may vary slightly. Check your owner’s manual to get instructions specific to your model, including information about the recommended oil type.

To change the oil on your Cub Cadet Ultima, begin by parking your mower on a flat, level surface. Turn the engine off and allow it to cool, remove the ignition key, disconnect the spark plug ignition wire to prevent accidental starting, and engage the parking brake.

It may be helpful to place a piece of cardboard under your mower to catch oil drips. Use an oil basin to catch the old oil when it is drained from the engine. Remove the dip stick and drain the oil. Use a ¾-inch and a ½-inch wrench to unthread the stopper plug from the oil outlet and allow the engine oil to completely drain. After the oil has drained, secure the stopper plug to the oil outlet.

Replace the oil filter with a new one. Use an oil filter wrench to unthread the oil filter from the engine. Use a rag to clean the area around the engine of any spilled oil.

Replace the oil filter and add a little oil to the seal of the new oil filter to help with the install. Use your hand to thread the new oil filter onto the engine. Do not overtighten. Use your oil filter wrench to snug the fit but do not overtighten.

Add new oil to your Cub Cadet Ultima. Use the oil recommended by the engine manufacturer and fill to the recommended levels. Replace the dip stick and check the engine oil levels.

Check the oil level with the dip stick. Depending on where it reads, you may need to add more oil. When checking the oil with the dip stick, place the dip stick into the oil and push it all the way down. Remove the dip stick, clean it with your rag, and place it in the oil one more time to check the oil level.

Reconnect the spark plug wire on your Cub Cadet Ultima.

Use our illustrated parts diagrams to locate any replacement parts you may need for maintenance on your Cub Cadet Ultima.

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Cub Cadet Ultima Series

Cub Cadet Ultima Series

Cub Cadet Ultima Series Zero Turn Riders are built with a two by two frame for structural strength typically found on a lot of commercial mowers, and the unique style really stands out.

Some nice features on the Cub Cadet Ultima Series are larger front and rear tires, large grips for comfort, and, instead of foam, a nice, heavy padded grip on the lap bar for a real positive feel. The lap bars are adjustable and will easily adjust for operator comfort. The padded comfort seats also maximize comfort.

The control panel makes it very easy to view your keypad, hour meter, PTO and control system. For your height of cut adjustment, the Cub Cadet Ultima Series did a nice job for your mower deck lift. Instead of a hand lift there is a foot pedal with a simple knob. The presets are easy to view for what height you want. Adjustments are made in quarter inch increments.

There are two mower series in the Cub Cadet Ultima Series. The ZT1 series mowers are powered by EZT 2200 series engines. The ZT1 uses primarily Kohler engines but there is one model with a Kawasaki engine. The ZT2 is the other series and these mowers are on the same chassis, but Cub Cadet upgraded the transmission to a EZT 2800 series. ZT2 mowers have larger front and rear tires for less turfing and better flotation. The EZT  2800s will give you a longer life. You also pick up about a half mile an hour speed, so you go from 7 mph to 7.5 mph. Armrests also come standard on ZT2 mower models.

On both the Cub Cadet ZT1 and ZT2 LED headlights and rear tow hitches some standard. The Kawasaki FR691V Series engine comes standard on all ZT2 series mowers as well as the ZT1 50-inch mower.  The FR691V delivers 23 horsepower, which is a nice upgrade over some of the base engines available in this size mower.

The ZT1 series mowers are available with a 42, 46, 50 and 54 inch cutting width while the ZT2 mowers are available with a 46, 50, 54, and 60 inch cutting width.

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